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Schroedinger's Cat

             Erin Schroedinger wrote about an experiment performed on a cat in a box. He proposed different possibilities that could happen while the cat was in this box. Years of scientific discussion led to the conclusion that you should just open the box and look. It's amazing how long it takes to come to a simple conclusion.
             Our educational system used to be in a box. In 1983 a report was published called A Nation at Risk. This report has been widely cited, discussed, and argued over. This report made basic observation and recommendations concerning, content, expectations, time, and teaching. During this time, many organizations worked to close the box again. The condition of education is everyone's business, let's get the box open. .
             The students in Iowa cannot reasonably expect to receive the same education from every school district. Why is this? If we all want the same thing for our children, why aren't we all giving them the same thing? Do you really think your school does everything better than anyone else? What keeps us from working closer together? We live in a mobile society; students should be able to pick up where they left off at their last school. To call for change would indicate that we have been wasting too much time going in circles. It's been said that we have known for twenty to thirty years how to educate, but education is a hard boat to turn. Are we really going in the wrong direction? If we are, then someone knows which direction we should be going? Who? Who has the answers? Who do we listen to? Every school, educator, parent, and board member has a story to tell, and something to share. .
             When asked, Administrators have mentioned the problem with redundancy. Surveys, they are asked to complete surveys at least twice a week from various organizations, they now ignore most requests. Schools continue to hold public hearings to request an early start date, though approximately 95% start early, State law has not changed.

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