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What They Carried

             In "what They Carried" by James Currier, several gay men helped take care of a friend who was dieing due to AIDS weakening his immune system. Adam's friends would do anything he asked so he could try to enjoy the time he had left as best as he could. Danny and Adam seemed to love each other so his death was difficult for Danny the most.
             Adam did not like the way he had handled his illness because he made the time harder on all his friends. His fascination with suicide caused him to consider that as a way out of his pain. "His life had deteriorated beyond depression," shows that Adam was not happy with the way he was feeling, but he still wanted to live. He would not consider suicide if he was healthy, but he has AIDS so he knows his death is approaching. The reason why he has this disease is most likely a product if him being gay. If Adam were straight, he would probably be healthy and would not be lying helplessly in a bed.
             Every gay man is aware of AIDS and the effects of it. "It's the fear every gay man carries today," explains that all gay men worry about the disease, but continue their way of life. Even though they fear AIDS, they cannot control their feelings of attraction. They will not let this disease get in the way of their way of life or their happiness. All of Adam's friends were probably aware that he had AIDS but still cared for him just as much as if he did not carry the disease.
             Danny cared for Adam more than anyone else did. Danny and Adam had a close relationship. He would stay with him overnight to make sure he took his medication and ate as he was supposed to do. He would visit him when he was staying in the hospital everyday. "Danny wiped the floor and rinsed the soiled pajamas," proves that Danny ignored Adam's illness even though it is something he fears. Adam would open up and tell Danny everything about the way he was feeling and his thoughts. He could tell that he was going to die, and it showed in his questions to Danny and when he said, "Today was the first time I was actually afraid of dying.

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