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Conspiracy Theories on HIV

             Beliefs in conspiracy theories are widespread throughout the world, in every culture and community. They range from a world take over by secret societies to rigged Olympic games. Many are short lived, however, others seem to become self-perpetuating animals preying particularly on the Black community. The most common theories are that which circle HIV/AIDS. These theories have a devastating impact that effects the African American and Black South African population. Astonishingly, reports show that even though African Americans make up 12 percent of the U.S. population they account for nearly half of HIV/AIDS cases. Statistically comparable, in South Africa there is an estimated 4.8 million people infected with HIV. .
             This study identifies these theories as it relates to origination, treatment, and prevention/protection. For example, several studies on African Americans, reports show that there is a widespread belief that HIV/AIDS was created as a genocidal plot. Among Black South Africans, a fifth of the population believed that one could tell by a person's appearance whether they had the disease. .
             Further, this study compared beliefs among Black South Africans and African Americans. The results showed that both groups share similar beliefs pertaining to origination and treatment theories based upon their cultural heritage.
             I would like to thank the following persons for their help with this research: Dr. Sharon Parsons for her critique, enlightenment, and guidance; my mother and father, Larry and Jacquelyn James; Lennox Blackman; and Kendrick Lawrence. I would not have gotten this far without your help and support. .
             Table of Contents.
             Abstract .2.
             Acknowledgements 3.
             Table of Contents .4.
             Statement of Purpose 5.
             Introduction .6.
             Review of Literature ."7-27.
             Methodology 28.

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