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Late Adulthood

             I interviewed my 67 year old Aunt Michaela. She is a Theology professor here at Briarcliff University. She is my mom's older sister and the aunt I am the closest to. I considered interviewing my dad who is 62 years old but decided to interview Michaela instead because I realize how unhappy my dad is about his age and I didn't want to mention that I was interviewing him for a "late adulthood" interview. Also I felt like he may feel uncomfortable with some of the questions I would ask such as how his relationship with his parents was and what his wishes would be. Maybe it's me that would feel uncomfortable asking him those questions and he not have a problem with answering the questions- who knows, at any rate I decided to interview Michaela in the end. I work for Michaela everyday for about an hour, such as grading papers and running things off for her, and so I was planning on interviewing her after I worked but we ran out of time which resulted in us having to do the interview over the phone later that evening. Michaela was the first interviewee to ask what the interview was for before she agreed to do it, but she was very cooperative and responsive. .
             1) What do you like to do in your free time? "Read, watch sports on TV, and spend time with friends.".
             2) What do you enjoy eating? "Just about everything I don't care about meat as much as I like fruits and veggies and pasta. I love sweets.".
             3) How was/is your relationship with your parents? "Very good and personal, they were always happy to see me." .
             4) Who is the most important person in your life right now? "Family and especially mom.".
             5) What do you like about being your age? "Everything I know and have experienced, the fact that when things come up there isn't too much that I would say I am clueless about. A sense of being on top of things and being able to make a contribution.".
             6) What is your biggest fear; what are you afraid of? "Not staying sharp to the end.

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