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Response on Jack London's "To Build A Fire "

            Response on Jack London's "To Build A Fire ".
             After reading "To Build A Fire " I came to the conclusion that there are two main points that Jack London is trying to make. One is the mans knowledge with the environment, and the other is his relationship with the dog.
             The man was very ignorant to what others told him about the severe weather in the Yukon. He was new to this, and never experienced a true winter especially at 50 degrees below zero. He thought he was prepared for this trip dressed in mittens, moccasins, earflaps and wool socks, but in reality he wasn't even close. Throughout his trip the weather and the conditions got worse, and his condition got worse as well. The man only prepared for what was suppose to happen, and not what he was in store for. .
             The man was not alone on this journey he had the companionship of a native husky. This may have seemed like companionship but in reality it was everyone for themselves .The husky cared nothing for the man it was just they"re for food and shelter. They had no relationship whatsoever and they could be described as both parasite and host to each over at all times. The dog was more aware of the weather than the man but made no efforts to communicate with him unless it needed something for its own well being.
             The man should have listened to the old timer on Sulfur Creek and traveled with a companion .In fifty degree below zero weather you must take every precaution and prepare for the worst. If only he listened to the old timer he may have made it to the camp safely and any delay or event occurring would be taken care of by his companion .The man unfortunately was ignorant and so was his companion.

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