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American History X vs Higher Learning

            "American History X" is undeniably one of the most poignant and potent movies I have ever seen. A truly great film, "American History X" leaves you with an intense awareness of the hate in our world and an overwhelming desire to overcome it. Perhaps the greatest aspect of this film is how it does not preach the racism message, rather it focuses on the development of its characters and allows the message to be slowly absorbed. .
             While "Higher Learning" was also a very effective movie, "American History X" surpasses it because of several reasons. In "Higher Learning", hate destroys the bond between two lovers who met several months ago. In "American History X" however, hate destroys the bond between two brothers. And while it is sad to see Malik's girlfriend die, it is far more heartbreaking to see a brother murdered in the strife his older brother tried to pull him out of. Family supersedes romantic love in this case and "American History X" offers the audience with a more overwhelming effect. We see the relationship between Derek and Danny, sometimes tenuous but more often solid, and when this relationship is shattered, we are left with a greater feeling of emotion. It is this feeling of emotion that compels the audience to truly ponder and ruminate about the effects of hatred. .
             "American History X" probes us to explore and unravel the seeds of hatred, while simultaneously presenting us with a fair portrayal of the many sides of human development. Why do we hate? And even when we do, do we allow it to serve any real purpose in our lives? In the film, Derek is asked "Has anything you've done made your life better? "American History X" gives us more closure. Danny's conclusion that "hate is baggage" teaches us that people can truly unlearn. .
             This feeling of emotion and renewal that is so much more strongly conveyed in "American History X" has much to do with its cast. "American History X" has much stronger actors.

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