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Intercultural Communication

            Communication is vital in long distance relationships, public relationships, public speaking and group communication. Communication helps us to establish a relation with other people. There are many ways in which ojjen can communicate and among thos one of teh important one is Intercultural Communication. Intercutural communication means communication between people of different cultures and backgrounds.
             The unites states is a great example of intercultural communication, as people from different countries migrate and live here and we have an oppportunity to know people from different and communicate with them about their cultures and values. Intercultural gives us a broader sight to know people and about their background. People from different cultures can give their opinions in building our society. As people are from different backgrounds it helps us to know their language and customs.
             Intercultural communication also helps us to adapt in different societies. It helps us to know the positive and negative aspects of different cultures. If someone moves to another country, it becomes very difficult for him t adjust over there as there might be different languages. By developing an intercultural help us to communicate with others in an emergency. Intercultural communication helps us to learn different values, beliefs, behavior and customs of different cultures. If an Indian communicates with an African it helps him to understand their beliefs and values, but a person also feels inconvenient in Intercultural communication because people needs to get adapted to the customs of different societies.
             Intercultural communication helped me when i moved from India, as i didnt know the cultures of American people. After taling to them, it helped me to know their cultures, their beliefs and values. It also helped me in my research papers as i used to talk to Hispanic. It helped me a great deal in my spanish classes and also in my projects.

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