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Handheld Devices in Healthcare Applications

            Handheld Devices and Healthcare Applications.
             Wireless Handheld Device Overview Page 4.
             The Dilemma of PDA Security Page 5.
             The Implications of HIPPA on PDAs Page 7.
             Keeping Your PDA Data Safe Page 8.
             Security Issues in the Healthcare Industry Page 10.
             Security Policies for PDAs Page 14.
             Conclusion Page 16.
             Works Cited Page 17.
             Handheld Devices and Healthcare Applications .
             Wireless handheld devices and their applications were built for cool functions, not security. They lack the processing power for strong encryption, memory management and solid password security. When they were just electronic organizers, it didn't matter. Now, they"re an open door to company networks and that matters a lot.
             Your healthcare provider, for example, has purchased a state-of-the-art wireless handheld application that lets administrators, physicians and medical staff access records, order lab tests and prescribe medications. It works great. Costs for recordkeeping are lowered, patients receive improved customer service, and fewer errors are made. But what happens when a doctor lays down his personal digital assistant (PDA), still logged on, and discovers it's missing when he reaches for it again?.
             Let's start with physical security. Security on handhelds can be upgraded, but you can't prevent them from being lost and stolen from pockets, purses and briefcases. The second problem with handhelds is they are not designed for or capable of sophisticated security. Risk is inherent in any wireless technology, but the greatest risk may be the handheld devices themselves.
             PDA products are most commonly used by the mobile work force for performing business applications. They allow remote users to synchronize personal databases and provide access to network services such as wireless e-mail, Web browsing and Internet access. These technologies can offer dramatic cost savings and new capabilities to diverse applications ranging from retail settings to manufacturing shop floors to medical emergencies.

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