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Comparison of 3 Characters in the Canterbury Tales

             Geoffrey Chaucer was an outstanding English poet, and today is remembered.
             still as the most significant poet to write in Middle English (online literature.com).
             He made a critical contribution to English literature in using this style of writing.
             when most of poetry was at that time being written in Anglo-Norman or Latin.
             (classicnotes.com). One of the few works of the English Middle Ages written by.
             Chaucer that is still being published today is The Canterbury Tales (classicnotes.
             The Canterbury Tales is said to have presented Chaucer at his best (Hooper.
             XI). Chaucer never finished The Canterbury Tales as he had originally planned.
             In fact he only completed twenty-four tales total, whereas he had originally planned.
             to tell over one hundred tales (Hooper XII). His original idea was to have each.
             pilgrim tell four tales, but he ended up not even completing one tale for each pilgrim.
             (classicnotes.com). The Canterbury Tales is a collection of a variety of stories told.
             by traveling pilgrims from all classes of society while on their way to visit the shrine.
             of St. Thomas a'Becket (Glencoe 57). Three of the main characters in the story.
             belong to the Feudal Group. These characters are the noble Knight, the drunken.
             Miller, and the old, choleric Reeve (Glencoe 60 and 72). Even though the Knight,.
             the Miller, and the Reeve belong to the same Feudal Group, each character's.
             morals, values, and personality is reflected in the story he tells. The Knight is the.
             most socially prominent person on the journey (Day 79). He is a perfect genteel.
             man who loved truth, freedom, chivalry, and honor (79). Despite his valorous deeds,.
             the Knight never boasted of his actions or achievements (79). He was truly a.
             distinguished man.

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