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Change Story

            She once had dark, shadowed, unhappy thoughts of a world in which she couldn't fit. A large chip was resting on each shoulder and the world was against her. But things aren't what they used to be. .
             Jessica and her parents had been living in Miamba for two years. It was the type of country town where your name and face was known to everyone you passed by. "It's the perfect place to bring up a young woman" stressed Kate. (Jess's mum) She was almost trying to convince herself more than Jess. .
             Originating from the city Jess couldn't stand this type of life. It was too slow and seemed to lack even a hint of excitement. Everything was different. She felt alienated from the community. This world seemed to be a complete abstract of Jess's.
             School was no better. Everyone had their own groups and clubs, Jess couldn't fit into any of them and began to blame herself. She effectively shut herself out to the world and was consumed by her thoughts of unhappiness. She wanted her old life back. A life and world in which she could belong. A life where problems were easily extinguished. A life that would bring a smile back to her melancholy face. .
             For eighteen months she refused to be involved in any activities. Sat alone at lunch, dismissed every sport, pushed others away that tried to get close and had virtually no relationship with her parents. She began to feel the weight of her troubles as though they were strapped to her back. .
             "Things can't get much worse" Jess's view on life couldn't get much lower. She locked herself in her room for hours on end letting her tears stream down her face and stain the glistening pillow case. Her parents had sent her to the only Psychologist in the town hoping that it would do some good. They couldn't have been more wrong. She now felt even more isolated and rejected than ever before. .
             On a cold, wet night a few weeks later Jess was sitting up watching old home movies.

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