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Israeli-Palestinian Dispute

             Suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism have been affecting the people of Israel and Palestine for thousands of years. What is the truth in the Middle East? It is time to step back and fully comprehend the big picture between the two disputing countries. Understanding the historic claims, the current dispute, and having the ability to solve the current problems between Israel and Palestine will help dramatically in achieving this goal.
             Knowing the history of conflicts, further one to understand the current problems. This knowledge consists of five wars in the past fifty years since the creation of the independent state, Israel. This particular dispute proclaims that the Jews vindicate the ownership of the land and in the meantime the Palestinians occupy the land. Israel was established in 1948. Before WWII the Zionist objective of a Jewish homeland pleased few Jews. Instead man Jews joined revolutionary parties, like the Bund, to fight for socialism. However, the U.S. has provided the Jewish state with powerful military forces for their benefit including the oil safely in place for the U.S. The British declared that the land should be split between the Jews and the Palestinians. Israel seized the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967. Since then the Jews refuse to let Palestinians return to their homes. Jordan captured the West Bank in 1948 but in 1967, Israel took old Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and the Gaza Strip. However, the Arabic population disallows to co-exist with the Jewish state; making the wars still going strong to this day.
             Even though these disputes started a long time ago current disputes over the Golan Heights, West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem are happening to this day. Most Israelis, polls show, want to leave the occupied territories. This government acts against their will to establish the Zionist dream of a better Israel and provoke Palestinians to act with terrorism.

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