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             Although his intentions were noble he ruled in the wrong way. He made many improvements and helped to rebuild Rome to its former glory, but it was never the same as it once was. He did bring peace to Rome. Although in the process he weakened what once made Rome great. He setup an illusion of freedom in the former Republic by wining over the people with his charismatic personality. He also without realizing it let the freedoms of the people diminish. He also did Rome an injustice by setting the stage for future tyrants to abuse their inherited powers of privilege.
             Augustus brought peace to Rome. He ended the civil wars that had lasted for twenty years. He rebuilt Rome as well as expanding its boundaries and taking Egypt as a new colony. "As chief priest, he associated himself with the sacred rituals of republican Rome. He appointed priests conscientiously and saw to the construction of temples."(King 140)."Augustus also created officials called prefects who took responsibility for five key tasks: to head the ruler's personal military guard; to manage the city of Rome; to head the military's seven semi-military cohorts of police and fire forces; to monitor the city's grain supply; and rule Egypt, Rome's bread basket."(King 141). Augustus had many productive ideas for Rome and many where successful under his rule. He had great visions for the empire and he delegated his powers fairly.
             Although Augustus was a visionary and he had the best intentions his new governing tactics just simply gave the illusion of freedom. The Roman people where so mesmerized by the great works done by Augustus they did not see what was happening in their once free republic. Augustus preoccupied the citizens by contributing money and food as well as building the great temples and hosting public events in athletics and theater. "Augustus won over the soldiers with gifts, the populace with cheap grain, and all the men with sweets of repose, and so grew greater by degrees, while he concentrated in himself the functions of the senate, the magistrates, and the laws.

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