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            Jainism believes that every material thing has a spirit in it. By taking life, the law of spirit is interfered. Thus, evolution is obstructed. Hence, sacrifice is forbidden Ahimsa is the doctrine. Much stress is placed on purity. This purity of soul consists of different main disciplines to achieve: Karma, Ahimsa, Aparigraha and Anekantwad. Human nature is not perfect; it can be only through Sadhana. All are not capable of reaching the ethical and spiritual heights. .
             According to Jainism, Karma is not a mere effect of a particular activity, but a real substance, a kind of subtle matter or flowing mass of energy that readily enters a living body with each activity of the latter and envelops it in dark gloom. Karma binds the soul to the matter and makes its liberation an increasingly difficult task.
             Karma brings in lighter or denser material into the body depending upon the nature of action performed and builds karmana sarira, which envelops the jiva from all sides and prevents its liberation.
             Jainism explains that violence is not defined by actual harm for this may be unintentional. It is the intention to harm, the absence of compassion, and the ignorance that makes an action violent. Without violent thought there can be no violent actions.
             Non-violence is to be observed in action, speech, and thought. One should not be violent, ask others to do so, or approve of such an activity.
             Jains should lead a simple life, limiting their possessions to necessities. Acquisition of material goods leads one to attachment and hence pain if, for some reason, the goods of wealth are lost. Happiness is about freedom from pain and hence can only come from leading a life of simplicity and non-attachment. That is the bold message of Aparigraha.
             Recognition of the relativity of truth from the perspective of life in this world. Anekantwad avoids lies and exaggeration, which place alternative points-of-view in a bad light.

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