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Legalization of Marijuana

             Most people who smoke marijuana do it for their own pleasure, just like people who drink alcohol. They do it recreationally in their own homes, with out causing harm or upsetting the people around them. There is also literally hundreds of social, medical, and economic benefits of legalizing the sale, possession and use of marijuana and marijuana related products. I believe that Marijuana should be legalized because there is no evidence that it has caused a single death, it is useful in treating medical conditions, and it is less dangerous than alcohol. .
             Marijuana is probably the most popular drug used by people across the country. It has become a part of American culture. Over sixty five million Americans use marijuana either occasionally or on a regular basis. "Most government research on marijuana is based on the "Pathology theory", or trying to find diseases caused by marijuana." (Rosenthal, pg.48). The government admits that it is harmless, and there is little evidence it is addictive. There is also nothing in marijuana that would cause people to use other drugs. Through many years of research, it has been proved that marijuana has never caused a single death. .
             Test performed on mice has shown that the ratio of Canabinoids (chemicals in pot that make you stoned) necessary for intoxication is 40,000 to 1, that ratio for .
             Alcohol is between 4 and 10 to 1. (Rosenthal, pg. 51). .
             The deaths in which have been caused by marijuana were not from the drug itself, but from police officers trying to enforce the marijuana laws. .
             Marijuana is one of the safest and least harmful used by people today. This chart shows the amount of drug related deaths in the United States in a typical year:.
             Tobacco .390,000.
             Alcohol .100,000.
             Second hand smoke . .50,000.
             Cocaine .2,200.
             Heroin 2,000.
             Aspirin 2,000.
             Marijuana 0.
             All drugs combined 4,500 (Rosenthal, pg.

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