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Donne and Marvel

            Compare and contrast the presentation and treatment of love and sex in the poems of Donne and Marvell.
             AVFM is written in the voice of a lover, addressing the woman his is about to be separated from. Evokes a sense of firm and deeply-based emotion. Define relationsihip between the lovers which makes separation unimportant, or even impossible. Draws analogies from impersonal world of science and craftsmanship to describe what binds and unifies the lovers. .
             First conceit: metaphysical. Alliterated "s" sounds in ll,1 make us hear the whispering of the dying man. And assonance between "now no" continues the effect, representing faint respiration which the friends are straining to hear. Also comparison normal: death for lovers = separation, he develops idea that untroubled separation is like incongruous death dropping out of sight.
             Shows restraint himself, by adopting a simple poetic form and manner which invites none of his characteristic flamboyance. .
             For "dull sublunary lovers", cannot reconcile themselves to parting because for them, bodily separation is absolute, as hey know nothing beyond physical love. .
             Interassured of the mind: lovers form a single being, sharing a single soul; and their unity is not to be fractured by physical separation, rather their shared soul will extend itelfs as the gap between their bodies widens. .
             Fixed leg of compass represents constancy and fidelity of the woman, and the assurance of her firmness gives Donne the power to make his own circle true: both loving her with equal constancy, and throughout his journey moving along a line that must bring him back to his starting point in her. .
             THCM Each of the sections has a distinctive tone and mood - relaxed, terror, and fierce determination - and its own pace; and Marvell does not attempt to combine these stongly disparate elements into a continuous design. Each is completely at variance with the other two, and the dramatic shock of juxtaposition repeats an effect Donne.

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