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Gangs of New York film review opening scene

             Gangs of New York is about the gangs that populated the 5 Points in the late 1840's in New York, a forgotten era of American history. It is filled with artistic detail which you will see for yourself shortly. I must outline that it contains violence, especially the scene that I have decided to present to you as a class and I emphasize the word "violence". We are all mature enough to view what is about to be shown. Before we begin, I must also outline that because of choosing this film and footage, I am in no way glorifying war or death.
             SECTION ONE-Father and son.
             *As the movie begins, Priest Vallon is shaving in a dark and gloomy room. The surroundings are silent and the only thing that can be heard is the sound of Vallon shaving. The darkness of the room and the silence almost gives a feeling of solitude and fearlessness.
             *As the boy emerges from th e shadows, music starts playing. A depressing, slow tune which is very powerful! While the priest passes the son the blade, the music gives a slight impression that something bad is going to happen, or as if the father knows that he won't come back and is passing his final words of wisdom to his son.
             SECTION TWO-Battle march.
             *They are coming out of the underworld, the underground. They are emerging out of the bowels of the Earth. They represent each group that has been appressed and everyone that has been dispossessed. They are the men (and women) of the underworld and are ultimately going to create a day of judgment.
             *The way the camera moves, slowly showing many scenes. Giving the audience a good look at how they lived, the environment around them.
             *It was hectic, showing people working like slaves, like they were considered as slaves just working underground. The blacksmith sounds, the dirty people. All of this shows that those people were at the very bottom but pride themselves with respect as the men and women march to war to fight for what they believe in.

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