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Terrorism and the Unabomber

            The history of terrorism against the United States is relatively undistinguished and uninteresting. Terrorist acts committed abroad - for example, the bombing of two American embassies in Africa during 1998 or the recent sabotage of the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen - are not unlike most terrorist acts committed on United States" soil. Underlying both domestic and international terrorism against the United States is usually the belief that America is unduly hegemonic in this world and consequently needs - deserves, even - to be brought to its knees. Or - that goal proving too titanic or elusive - the terrorists will settle for the blood of a few American citizens, if only to keep the entire country in a state of perpetual alert and agitation. This is true of both anti-American Americans and anti-American foreigners. Timothy McVeigh, the main party responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 which left 168 dead, is in the end not too far from Osama bin Laden, the Afghani terrorist allegedly behind the embassy and USS Cole blasts: both hate the United States" government and have settled on terrorism as the most effective means of redressing their grievances.
             One terrorist in the United States, however, stands out among this crowd: Ted Kaczynski, the Harvard-educated one-time professor of mathematics who was revealed to be the Unabomber in 1996. The Unabomber - so dubbed because the only discernible pattern in his early bombs was the targeting of universities and airlines - waged his war not against any government or country but against a concept, one that was (and still is) sweeping through the world with unbridled speed: technology. His most frequent targets were relatively obscure academics, not leading figures in the technological world like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. And unlike many terrorists, Kaczynski is brilliant and has written no less cogently than profusely about his radical views.

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