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School Desegregation

            Racial discrimination has been highly evident throughout the course of US history. The prejudices society has toward certain groups or factions can be traced back to pre-Revolutionary America. African-American slaves were treated as the subordinates of their white masters; they were considered to be far less superior to them. In recent history, blacks were kept separate from the Caucasians in every faucet of society, predominately in educational facilities. As time progressed, however, society has become more accepting of the racial differences. This is mainly due to the important movements spearheaded by several influential individuals.
             Before a monumental 1954 trial, Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, seventeen states had implemented a segregation law that permitted schools to separate black and white students; these were mainly the Southern states. The trial stated that the segregation of the schools was unconstitutional since it violated the fourteenth amendment of the constitution. It ruled that the federal courts had authority over the segregation issue and that the integration of students should commence immediately. Some states complied while others did not. Conflicts with the issue arose and many states rebelled. Many protests were organized by the whites who disapproved of the integration. By the 1960's, violent acts were committed in response to the admittance of blacks to colleges and universities. Some states did not admit the black students but the federal government intervened. It resulted in the brutal attacks on the students and soldiers.
             It was not until individuals such as Martin L. King appeared that the black community unified and took the initiative to establish racial equality. Society started to accept different races and ethnicities more and the schools started to integrate students in order to unify them.
             The malice that America had toward different racial groups stemmed primarily from the different opinions each region had.

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