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The battle of good against evil in the heroic movie, Indiana

            I chose question two for my essay assignment. The main idea is to discuss how good versus evil is a theme explored in Indiana Jones. I would like to introduce many films like using hero as their plot but how they describe the heroes are different as people's perception is changing. In the past, directors normally proclaim people who do good things in their life will have result, for those who do harm on others and do not care about others
             •lives will be punished. Even though the rewards or punishment may not be received in real life, they will definitely have them, maybe when they are in heaven or hell. One of the classical example of this kind of movie is "Indiana Jones" I am going to analyze this film and the idea it wanted to tell us now.
             None of us have experienced live after death and of course we cannot tell how nice or bad the rewards or punishment can be. Most of the time we only care about what we have in the real life. We take for agree when our good deeds are rewarded but we think it's unfair if evil people get good result and have happy lives; we hope them to be cursed.
             No matter how we are unhappy with this situation, it's the reality. Therefore, many people will watch heroic movies to try to get a balance as well as to convince themselves that the God or the world will help judge what is good or evil and reasonable effect will be given.
             This film, Indiana Jones
             • is one of the classical movies of this style. In heroic stories, there is only black or white, grey areas are not acceptable as it will give unclear impressions to audience. .
             eB lack
             •refers villains who do not mind sacrificing anyone's life for their own benefits. In many cases villains will not have happy endings because they have done something wrong. This is unfailing with what all people believe
             •there is always retribution and people must beware of everything they do. The villains
             •presence is for importance the great manners and help of the heroes in movies, and so as for Indiana Jones.

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