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Kennedy Assination

             This article was written in the Washington Post on November 23rd, 1693, and titled, "Mystery Call Foretold Fate of President." The article imposed the fact that fifteen minuets before the President was shot an Oxnard California telephone supervisor over heard a woman whisper, "The President is going to be killed." The article stated that the call was intercepted by the General Telephone company, and was heard by another woman at 1:10pm. The President was shot and killed at 1:25pm.
             This article attracted a lot of attention after the Kennedy assassination due to its newsworthiness. It was a time where several conspiracies were floating around about who was the real assassin of the 35th President. An event with such a media focus, reading an article such as this raised the eyebrows of their audience. The article tends to hold validity and believability to its audience because of its specific time references, and report given to the police. Although short and suspenseful, at a time like this, this is what people want to read.
             An article written in the Washington Post on November 28th, 1963 named, "Paris Paper Says Oswald Had Help." This was an article written by the Washington Post Foreign Service department. It spoke about a man who was filming ten minuets before the shooting occurred. Also during filming, a silhouette of two people was captured at a sixth-floor window where the bullets who struck the President were believed to have come from. From this film, the F.B.I. made the claim that prime suspect Lee Harvey Oswald had an accomplice. .
             Here is another article in which intrigue is promoted. As a reader, this article makes you feel as if you"re a part of the F.B.I. investigation. It turns the event into a "who done it" case and the audience is a detective. The facts of this article held great credibility because of its mentioning and response of the F.B.I. This article was short and simple, and had just enough speculation to add eagerness to the event.

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