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Atomic Bomb: Friend or Foe

             The United States has decided to launch a land invasion against Japan in hopes of ending World War II. Another two million American doughboys have been sent across the Pacific Ocean in hopes of putting an end to the hellacious battle against the suicidal tactics of the Japanese. Imagine the sight of horror and carnage that came from the land battle the United States decided to give a shot. Looking up and down the red blood soaked beach, the sand is almost non-visible from the bodies of our brothers, husbands, sons, and fathers that were fighting for their lives on a deselect island in hopes of putting an end to the battle. A soldier is forced to step over the body of a friend of his from base on his journey to get off the beach. As he runs towards the woodland, fellow soldiers scream and fall as their life is cut short by an enemy bullet. Just as he steps past the last sand on the beach, a shot rings out, he falls to the ground, and his life is over. This is what life would have been like for many years if the United States had decided to go with a land battle against Japan. Millions of Americans would have lost their lives on the beaches hoping to make a difference in the war to end it soon. Now imagine a chance to change history, and end the war in a quick moment. On August 6, 1945, the Enola Gay dropped an Atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Although some people feel that this was an inhumane act and made us war criminals, in the end, dropping the bomb was the right decision. As stated in An Eye on History, "All weapons of war are immoral. Is killing one person with a bullet moral? Is killing a few with a grenade? Is killing a hundred with artillery?" (Doyle) On a special edition of "Nightline" a few years ago, Ted Koppel said: "What happened over Japan was a human tragedy But what was planned to tale place in the way between Japan and the United States would almost certainly have been a greater tragedy.

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