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Shylock character essay

            In William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice, The character of Shylock is seen.
             by the characters as a "Dog" a "Devil" and a "Villain". However, there is more to his actions.
             than just being a Villain, this has to do with his environment, and other characters.
             actions. The argument relating to Shylock's nature is seen on three levels, as a victim, a.
             villain, or just as guilty as everyone else. .
             The actions which Shylock takes in relation to Antonio, and his bitter attitude towards the.
             Christian people as a whole are shaped by his environment. Shylock feels that his people,.
             The Jews, are mistreated by Christians and shown prejudice. In the times in which the play.
             is set, Jews were indeed mistreated, and unable to get jobs which could earn them allot.
             of money, which is the reason Shylock is a usurer, a role looked down on by many.
             people. Shylock uses his position as a money lender to exact revenge on Antonio,.
             although Antonio has done nothing wrong, "For he is a Christian". Shylock lends some.
             money to Antonio, and the repercussions of his not paying this back is that Shylock is.
             able to remove a pound of Antonio's flesh from the place closest to his heart. This is the.
             place which people see Shylock as a villain, because when it turns out that Antonio can.
             not repay Shylock on time, Shylock will not accept the money, even when it is tripled, he.
             simply wants for revenge in the way of Antonio's flesh.
             The way in which characters act also affects Shylocks proceedings. When his daughter,.
             Jessica, runs away with the Christian Lorenzo, He is enraged and wants even more than.
             ever to punish the Christian characters, even though so far they haven't really personally.
             wronged him. He seizes the chance to Punish Antonio and because of this, Portia and.
             her husband Bassanio retaliate. the ways in which they act however, are not very.
             Christian at all and it seems that Portia is too harsh in punishing Shylock.

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