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Corporate Anthropologists

             Business anthropology is defined as anthropological practice that applies the theories and methods of the discipline to the problem-solving activity in private sector organizations, especially industrial firms. Also, business anthropology seeks to explain the how and why of corporate decision-making, along with the sociological and cultural influences acting upon the company. Most importantly, it seeks to highlight the ways these factors influence employees and their behavior. However, anthropology brings several strengths to business. One is the participant-observer approach to research. This emphasizes looking at what people do in addition to asking them what they do. Survey research can be affected by perceived power relationships with the corporate hierarchy so that people's responses are affected by what they think is the goal of research. The participant-observer approach involves working with people over a longer period of time. This insider or outsider viewpoint often helps anthropologists to understand things from a perspective that is different from the one that labor, management, or survey researcher have. The outcome of an anthropological investigation of a corporation often focuses on cultural factors that interfere with job satisfaction. .
             The article "Corporate Anthropologists" talked about how anthropologists play an important role in the corporate environment. Anthropologists have been working with businesses since the 1930's however in the 1980's this field experienced significant growth. This was due to the globalization of business activity and the increased awareness of the importance of culture for business. Cultural anthropology is the study of existing people and corporations find this information useful in trying to understand human behavior within their own organization. Business anthropologists have been studying the corporate world for years, on such varied topics as how to encourage more creativity or how best to integrate multicultural learning techniques into an organization's training program.

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