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Seperation Anxiety Disorder

             Separation anxiety disorder occurs when a child is separated from home or a family caregiver . These children tend to come from very close families. Some children with separation anxiety disorder refuse to go to school, and get to the point to where the child will have temper tantrums at the bus stop or at the classrooms front door. This may lead to academic problems, and have problems getting along his or her peer group. These problems are developed from traumatic life experiences such the death of a loved one, a favorite pet, or an illness that is ongoing in the child or the family member. These symptoms usually really set in when the child relocates to a new neighborhood, or more commonly, when the parents get divorced.
             Children who have the separation anxiety disorder display inappropriate, excessive anxiety when separating from a family member or a caregiver. They worry too much such as worrying about something bad happening to their parent, or they worry about the worst if they were to lose their parent. If we sit and think about these unfortunate children who suffer from this terrible disorder, it is not their fault. We all sort of suffer from this disorder when we first lose a loved one in our family. As we know, when we lose a loved one for example, we are first in a state of denial. Then eventually, we finally realize that the individual is not coming back, and we finally are able to function again in everyday life. .
             Some of the things the children go through are pretty horrible. The child may feel unsafe in a room by themselves, because they are so used to being with someone wherever they go. Another symptom, the child will display a clinging behavior, in other words the child wants to be around the person they feel close to no matter where they are going. Then, the child will have extremely severe tantrums when they are forced to go to school. When sleeping, the child will have very bad nightmares, and due to the nightmares, the child will have a hard time trying to go to sleep .

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