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Clara barton

            Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821 to Sally and Stephen Barton in North Oxford.
             Clara Barton would grow up there with two older sisters and two older brothers.
             Clara's older siblings taught her the basic reading and arithmetic that she would need to know. .
             At the age of three she started going to school. Clara was a very shy and bashful girl. One of her .
             Father's friends came up with the idea that Clara should teach at the local school, at the age of .
             eighteen Clara was teaching at the local school in North Oxford Massachusetts. Clara then .
             accepted a teaching position in Charlton, just outside of Oxford, with Charlton being farther .
             away then expected Clara would have to move out of the family house. Clara taught at the .
             school and other schools in the district for a little more than ten years. Clara had began to look .
             at colleges around home. Then in late 1850, Clara chose to go to Clinton Liberal Institute in .
             Clinton New York. Clara took many academic courses mathematics, different languages and .
             Religious studies. In 1851, Clara had finished her term and headed for New England Village. .
             Clara stayed there for a short time and then moved back to North Oxford. While visiting her .
             friends in Hightstown, New Jersey, Clara would take a teaching position at Cedarville. At the .
             end of the school term Clara moved to the town of Bordentown, New Jersey. Clara would start .
             her fight for a public school, by 1866 there was public education in New Jersey. Teaching at .
             Bordentown School she became tired and her voice turned to a whisper. Her health was .
             decreasing. At the age of thirty-two, Clara moved to Washington, D.C. By July 1854, she had .
             become an office worker in the patent office. Clara was working as a clerk, and rooming with a .
             co-worker, and his family. In 1855, Mr. Mason left the patent office and the office would be .
             making changes and a new commissioner would take over and Clara was removed from her .

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