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Charles Dickens

             Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812. He was the son of John and Elizabeth Dickens. His father was a clerk who had very poor finances and in 1824 was imprisoned for debt. His wife and children all but Charles were joined with his father in prison. Charles worked for Warrens Blacking Factory. When his father was released, Charles was twelve. He was already shaken and scared, mentally and physically by the experience of working at the factory. He was then hurt further by his mother's insistence to continue the job. His father put him as a day pupil at a school in London from 1824-1827, keeping him from working at the factory. When Charles reached fifteen, he became employed as an office boy during the day and studied short hand at night. .
             The experiences Charles had haunted him for the rest of his life. This was only spoke of to his wife and his closest friend John Forster. His dark secret, which was held deep inside, became a source of creativity and was used according to themes and experiences shown in David Copperfield and in Great Expectations. As well with many of his other works. Most of his pieces of literature portray some of his own life's experiences. .
             Charles Dickens held many jobs. In 1829 he became a free-lance reporter at Doctor's Commons Courts, and by 1832 he had become a very successful shorthand reporter and began work as a reporter for a newspaper. In 1833 his first published story appeared and shortly after many other stories and sketches were shown.
             In 1834 Charles had to come to his father's aid because he was again arrested for debt. Later in his life his family was frequently after him for money.
             In 1835 he met and became engaged to Catherine Hogarth. In 1836 the first series of sketches by Boz was published and in that same year he was hired to write short texts to accompany a series of humorous sporting illustrations. Later Dickens became a full time novelist.

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