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The Odyssey as Mythology

            , Homer wrote an extremely complex piece of literature called The Odyssey. The Odyssey is an epic story of the challenges, tests, and choices of a Greek man named Odysseus. This work of mythology reflects the atmosphere of ancient Greece. It does this by focusing on the morality and lessons which apply to a culture that is deeply rooted in both art and war. Myths range from short tales with obvious lessons, to giant works of art with many hidden layers like The Odyssey. .
             Strong characters are very important in the lessons of The Odyssey. Odysseus is the main character of the story. He is a Greek man on a journey home from fighting in the Trojan War when he encounters many tests of his character. The other main human characters include Odysseus" loyal and faithful wife Penelope who waits twenty long years for the return of her husband. Their son Telemachus exemplifies how a good son will fight for his families honor by defending his father, a man who hasn't been there for him. In Odysseus, the people of Greece found a hero that they could identify with and look up to. .
             Gods and monsters, such as Zeus, Calypso, and the evil Cyclops are also crucial to this work of Greek mythology. The ancient Greeks were taught lessons by these superhuman beings. They were respected and at times feared for their power. Odysseus was a man who could overcome the challenges of these gods, bringing the gods down to a plane the common man could relate to.
             There are three main themes in The Odyssey. The first of them is the "Wandering of Odysseus," which has the most emphasis placed upon it and the largest volume of literature. Odysseus encounters many hardships and difficulties during his journey, including loosing part of his crew in both the land of the Lotus-eaters and even more men in the land of the Cyclops. In his wandering, Odysseus also faces the dangerous and tempting sirens and the six headed monster Scylla.

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