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Business Analysis - ZOOTS

             ZOOTS, The Cleaner Cleaner is revolutionizing the dry cleaning business. The company offers dry cleaning done right. Tom Stemberg, chairman of ZOOTS and founder of Staples, and Todd Krasnow, CEO of ZOOTS and former executive vice president of Staples, founded the company in 1998.They decided to apply the Staples concept, which is to reduce cost and hassle, to the dry-cleaning business. The company has raised approximately $20 million in capital through private individuals and banks and $38 million in institutional financing to finance its rapid growth and expansion. The company serves 50,000 customers a week through about 45 dry-cleaning outlets and 100 home delivery routes in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Virginia (www.zoots.com).With convenient store locations and pick-up and delivery service, ZOOTS is dedicated to making it easy to get quality dry cleaning around costumer's busy schedules. In 2002 ZOOTS won 16 Readers Choice Awards for Best Dry Cleaner. .
             Industry-Competitive Analysis.
             There will are always times in the history of any company when they will have lost their inherent public appeal, as well as the ability to pull themselves out of floundering sales and market plunges. The primary aspects of why such occurrences take place have everything to do with management strategy, organizational characteristics, business processes and information systems four conditions of any successful operation that require constant maintenance. ZOOTS uses its resources and capabilities, which include all of the financial, physical, human, and organizational assets, to develop and deliver the services to its customers. To begin evaluating the competitive implications of ZOOTS resources and capabilities, it must first answer the question of value: Do ZOOTS resources and capabilities add value by enabling it to exploit opportunities and neutralize threats? Michael Porter argues that any business must respond to five forces of competition that are:.

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