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Modern Drama Under Experimentation

             Playwrights have their individual style when presenting his or her dramatic and theatrical works. In order to create different dramatic structures, such that is found in modern drama, writers have experimented and toyed with the idea of adding twists to create new types of theatre in attempt to captivate the audiences' attention. Although the genres may be completely different, they share in certain similarities. Three plays that consist of different genres yet share similar aspects are; Osborne's, Look Back in Anger, Pinter's The Birthday Party and Churchill's Top Girls.
             Osborne's, "Look Back in Anger",is categorized into the genres of "The Kitchen Sink Theatre" and "The Young Angry Man" plays. "The Kitchen Sink" theatre portrays ordinary domestic. The play consists of two protagonists, Jimmy and his wife Alison. Jimmy represents the voice of the young community as well as being a representative of the "angry young man". Jimmy is dissatisfied and infuriated with his domestic situation and his inability to evolve and prosper into something greater. Jimmy uses language to convey his feelings of dissatisfaction. Jimmy is a headstrong young man who is extremely articulate and verbose. Through his monologues and various conversations, he proves his intelligence. The dialogue can be easily followed; the dialogue and actions compliment one another. The dialogue is used for the character to forge an identity and for the audience to enter into their private life.
             Alison, Jimmy's wife was tied to the social hierarchy as a child. She too, received University level education and is an intelect. Jimmy's language through out the play can be coined as being a mental abuser, therefore silencing Alison as a means to take over the conversation. Alison is submissive and has a low self-esteem. She speaks briefly in order to avoid confrontation with her husband.
             The Birthday Party by Pinter, is categorized into the genre of "The Theatre of the Absurd".

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