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            According to Plato, living a moral, just, and healthy life was extremely vital for living the Good life. "The Good Life encompasses that of individual wisdom, self-discipline, and morality (Plato 48). Plato makes it quite apparent that being happy and living the Good Life has absolutely nothing to do with materialism or physical beauty. Plato states, "Morality, then is an inner state and has little to do with external appearances" (Plato 48). Although Plato does not believe "external appearances" causes happiness, many people feel differently. Modern mass media has practically brainwashed the human race into thinking that money, fame, and fortune are most important. Everything in life is based on ways to attain a wealthy lifestyle.
             Similarly, there are those who have successful jobs where their salaries allow them to live a rich life full of vacations, pricey cars, and designer clothing. These people probably thought they were the happiest of all. According to society, they are doing everything right by doing whatever they possibly could to become wealthy. In addition, all super-stars approach life the same way. The majority of movie stars and musicians think that they live perfect lives, simply because they have all of the materialistic things they always dreamed of having. Plato would tell these stars" that although they have achieved economic well-being, their souls are empty. They are empty because the Reason, the rational part of the psyche, is not in absolute control, but the Appetite is. In a healthy mind, all parts of the psyche, the Reason, Passion, and Appetite all work as one. In an unhealthy mind, they work separately from each other. These stars are unhappy because their minds are engaged in materialistic desires. Consequently, they do not have the capability to love, share, and trust.
             Plenty of wealthy people and Hollywood stars think that they are "happy people.

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