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The Green Mile

             This movie is about an inmate, John Coffey, who has special healing powers. He is charged with killing 2 girls. While awaiting his execution he heals some kind of cancer from Tom Hanks character and heals the wardens wife who is gravely ill. He does this by touching them and then he coughs up the illness. He even heals a dead mice. After bringing back the mice, I assumed that he didn"t kill the girls but instead was trying to bring them back to life. It ends up another inmate in the next cell killed them. He shows Tom's character this by touching the other inmates hand then touching Tom's hand. So the dilemma is whether to kill John or not.
             I think that John should not have been executed. There was no evidence that he did do this. This takes place in a southern jail in times where black people weren"t widely accepted. They were able to take him out of prison the first time to heal the wardens wife so they could"ve taken him out again. This guy saved two live. Morally they should have spared him. I would have spared his life. My conscience would not have allowed me to execute someone I knew was not guilty.

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