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Should Gays and Lesbians Have Access to IVF?

            Should gays and lesbians have access to IVF?.
             IVF is a great invention of modern science; it allows couples who were previously unable to have children to finally have that family they have always wanted. However, IVF is a limited resource and should only be available to those who are infertile. This raises the question- should gays and lesbians be considered infertile? Many people claim that gays and lesbians are psychologically infertile, meaning that they are psychologically unable to conceive a child with a person of the opposite gender, so therefore can be diagnosed infertile and have access to IVF. This may be true. They may not want to, or be able to, but I don't think this is just cause for them to be diagnosed infertile, just the same as someone who is physically unable to conceive a baby.
             Say we did allow gays and lesbians to be diagnosed psychologically infertile, and have the privileges as a legitimately infertile couple. Why stop there? Why not diagnose those who have an aversion to work "psychologically unemployable" lets give those poor souls the full benefits as all the hard working people out there. Or what about those who are too lazy to involve themselves in sport, should they be allowed to compete in the Paralympics? These examples are no different to that of psychological infertility. It may, however, be argued that people do not choose to be gay. They are born that way, or it just happens and it is beyond us as humans. .
             So what? This still shouldn't earn them special privileges- it's just how the world works. The people who are born too short to be basketball players or not smart enough to be Neurosurgeons don't get special privileges, or allowances made for them. They simply have to face reality and move on. Tall people can't be jockeys, the same as gays and lesbians can't have children. Its life.
             Jess and Stan- a poor couple who cant have that family they always hoped for because they have just found out that Stanley has leukaemia (a true medical condition), and he has to undergo chemo therapy, which will result in infertility.

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