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Dropping of the Atomic Bomb

            , the first atomic bomb was used for aggressive reasons.) This great weapon of mass destruction had clearly decimated the city in which the bomb was dropped upon - Hiroshima. Only rubble had remained after the bomb had been detonated. The power of nuclear technology is unmatched by any other destructive technology that exists in our world today. A modern nuclear bomb can produce an explosion equivalent to over 15 million tons of TNT. (Grant p. 51) However, many people disagree that the dropping of these bombs of great power were necessary. Instead, many insisted that a ground invasion would be more humane, as it would not target civilians. Although the consideration of a ground invasion was imminent, the bomb was ultimately the necessary tool to bring the bloody war to an end. The dropping of the bombs: Little Boy and Fat Man were a huge step in claiming the victory against Japan. (Grant pp. 44-45) These atomic bombs helped to shorten the length of the war. Also, if these bombs were used, the amount of American personnel deaths would be at a minimal. Finally, the world opinion for the country of America would be changed forever.
             The atomic bombs helped the Americans to shorten the aggressive war against Japan. This would finally give peace to the war-torn world. Not only did the bombs prove to be a huge success, it had halted the Japanese from expanding their empire. The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit hard by the atomic bombs. Both cities burned to the ground while hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens lay firmly burnt on the battered city. The Japanese emperor, Hirohito, could not bear the loss of the lives of his citizens by saying, "I cannot bear to see my innocent people struggle any longer". (Feinberg, Barbara. "Cornerstones of Freedom Hiroshima and Nagasaki", 1995 p.25) Also, the Japanese were afraid of the third atomic bomb being dropped and were not prepared to face the wrath of another battered city.

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