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Laguna Beach

            A small sliver of the Gold Coast a magnet for artistic expression and ideas. The area once named by this tribe after the two small water lagoons that were enclosed in the canyons Lagunas. It was not tell 1904 that the beach area was named to Laguna Beach (www.lagunabeachinfo.org). The early 1800's is when word spread of the area and people began to settle. The artistic influence and permanent residence wasn't until the early nineteen hundreds came and became part of Laguna Beach culture forever. The man began the revolution in the Laguna Beach area was named Norman St. Claire (www.lagunabeachinfo.org). Norman traveled from San Francisco to paint the absolutely gorgeous natural beauty of Laguna Beach. When other artist saw the paintings and heard of the weather they began traveling themselves to Laguna Beach. By the 1920's there were only 300 people were in Laguna Beach half of these residents were artists. Many of theses artist's were called plain-air artists and they produced paintings in the style of Monet's French impressionists. The painting I have chosen to write about is in this style titled Laguna Beach, 1929 (www.lagunabeachinfo.org). The painting I choose was created at the time of the artistic bomb that started the population of talent that is still growing and producing fantastic art today.
             Laguna Beach, 1929 is a painting of an early 1900's ranch at the basin of an enormous hill covered in all sorts of wildlife. The season is most likely summer the sun is shinning small cloud cover and the bushes and on the hill are colored in different tints and shades of purple and tints of light brown. The painting of the early Laguna Beach history is dominated by the huge hill there are so many different brush stroke styles and texture styles throughout the entire hill. A quote by John Kehoe is what comes to mind when I reflect on my first impression of the painting, especially the hill.

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