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             There are many factors to take into effect when choosing which college is right for you. One of the predominant factors is who your peers will be. People usually do not choose to attend a school where they will stand out from the majority. They either choose a school that has an equally diverse population or one where they fit into the majority. The University of Georgia suffers from a very low minority population for this very reason. .
             There are a few programs on campus that cater to the minority population. Dreaded Mindz is a student organization that serves as a support group for those involved in the Athens hip-hop scene. Their member base is a majority non-white, and the shows that they organize downtown also draw a majority non-white. It is important to realize that there are still many whites in attendance. Unlike most other organizations that support minorities, Dreaded Mindz does not do so at the expense of segregating it's members.
             Representatives from Dreaded Mindz feel that a more open-minded student body as a whole would increase attendance at hip-hop shows downtown. This in turn would open up the possibility of their being more of them, with bigger touring acts headlining. Eventually they hope this would help minorities have a more consistent entertainment option in Athens.
             I agree with that, and think that the only way for minority applications to increase is to make the current ones happy. No matter how much recruiting the school does, nothing will beat the word of mouth from people they already know that attend UGA.

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