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Death penalty

            -California spends three times more money on its prisoners ($18,724/year) than it does on its students ($5,739/year).
             -The U.S. has executed at least 365 people for offenses that they committed as juveniles.
             -There are 81 juveniles currently on death row in the United States, 64% are people of color.
             -Since 2000, only four countires have excuted juveniles. They are the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC), Iran, Pakistan and the U.S. This year, the DRC established a moratorium on executions, Pakistan abolished the death penalty for juveniles and Iran announced that it is preparing to do the same. .
             -At least 160 children (Age 18 and Under) have been sentenced to death in the U.S. since 1973.
             -If California replaced the death penalty with a sentence of Life Without Parole, the state would save more than $90 milllion a year. Over 2700 people have been given this sentence and only two have ever been released. Both of these indivduals were found to be innocent.
             -This money could be spent on schools, drug prevention programs, job training centers, after shcool programs, roads, or day care facilites; measures which truly prevent crime and make our neighborhoods safer.
             What Youth Can Do!.
             -Contact Death Penalty Focus. We can work together!.
             -Start a Death Penalty Focus chapter at your school. We will help get you speakers and materials!.
             -Host an event on your campus! We will help you publicize your event.
             -Set up an info table on campus every day there's an execution.
             -Wear purple armbands every day there's an execution.
             -Host a debate.
             -Support efforts to pass a City Council resolution for a moratorium.
             -Lobby national and state representatives.
             -Attend national conferences on death penalty organizing.
             -Network with other local campus groups for campus-wide days of action.
             -Sign the petition!.
             -Invite victims' groups to share their stories. Contact Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation.
             What Teachers Can Do.
             -Use the Death Penalty Information Center's curriculum for educators in your classroom! Learn more!.

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