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            Nietzsche was not necessarily an Atheist, but his most famous quote from Thus Spake Zarathustra, "God is Dead,"" seems to many to be his notion that there is no God. However, the way in which he writes his philosophy is that every aphorism and epigram must be taken in context. There are many outrageous things that he has said, and been able to justify, in his writings; but taken a simple, single quote, and it would seem that he was merely an enraged madman. .
             Most philosophers are within a "community- of philosophy, which offers them basic "immunity- from scholarly denunciations, insults, or reputability based on the fact that he went insane. Nietzsche, however, seemed to not have this immunity; maybe his death made him fair game? But as Walter Kaufmann put it, "But Max Weber is dead, too; yet he is still treated as a member of the guild. Clearly Nietzsche wrote too well and was too superior that removed him from the immunity of the our community."".
             The most well-known of Nietzsche's views are that of religion. Nietzsche hates the idea of organized religion, and very frequently calls Christianity "The root of all evil- and "The destruction of our society."" His view that Christian morality allows for the weak to take power, very often over the power of the strong, and this is completely "Anti-Nature,"" as he calls it. Nietzsche also is known to appreciate the views of "eastern nihilism- of sorts, Buddhism. He teaches to "not praise thy benefactor [God]."".
             Nietzsche has 4 main theses that are most prevalent throughout all of his work; these are perspectivism, the will to power, eternal recurrence, and the √úbermensch.
             Perspectivism deals with there being no knowledge that is perceived perfectly, in short there is no immaculate knowledge. It denies the existence of an all-inclusive perspective, which could contain all others, and hence make reality available as it is in itself (refer to the species of man in "Dark City-).

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