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Eternal Beauty Myth

            Beauty is a quality or combination of qualities that gives a great pleasure to the senses or to the mind and spirit. .
             Beauty will not last, and that it is selfish and foolish for anyone not to prepare for the loss of beauty and youth by having a child to carry on unsurpassed beauty.
             Sylvia, who before her coming to the country lived in a crowded manufacturing town, compares it to the satisfaction of living heart to heart with nature. She feels that she would never want to go back home. She even feels as if she never had been alive before she came to live at the farm before she mingled with the natural world. It is also important to note that as a female she is identical with Nature, which in the American literature is usually spelled with a capital and referred to as feminine. It is as well said to be wild or, in other words, untouched. Thus it becomes obvious that the girl, as a part of the natural world, and possessing the identical with nature femininity and innocent. Nice is perfectly integrated into the artless system. This way she may be identified with nature as a microcosm may be a representation of the macrocosm.
             As a child I had many friends, being the outgoing person that I am. I have always been friendly with everyone; the attractive and not so attractive. Even the girl who had a crooked face. I always wondered what happened to her and how she got deformed on the side of her face, she looked so monstrous. Everyday I would see her sitting alone at lunch, always the last one to leave the playground, playing alone everyday, and she was so quiet as well. Kids used to make fun of her everyday, which was very sad. I even feel bad, for I was one who.
             Cracked jokes on occasion as well and laughed along with others. One day though my parents had me walk home from school, for I didn't live very far and I saw this girl walking in front of me. She was walking very slowly, staring down at the ground.

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