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Royal Deceit vs. Mel Gibson's Hamlet

            The Royal Deceit and Hamlet have their differences but all in all they seem have their basic goal covered, which is to portray the awry, clever Hamlet and his tragedy. Franco Zeffirelli's interpretation of "Hamlet" with Mel Gibson is a bit physical and upbeat. Gibson seems not to give us a true Hamlet, although we do get the notion that there is nothing wrong with him till his father dies and his mother marries his uncle. oneida Zeffirelli gives us a Hamlet that does his best to try to carry on, until he is overwhelmed by all the events that followed in his father's death. The film takes places in a spectacular location in northern Scotland where we can actually see Shakespeare's imagination come to life. In Zeffirelli's version there are dialogues added and extra words are put in to create scenes that don't seem to exist in the original Hamlet. A scene that is unfamiliar to the original film would be at the wake of Hamlet's father where Hamlet, Gertrude and Claudius confront each other over the coffin. The women in the film add an element of true mothering characteristics despite the fact that in Zeffirelli's version there seems to be too much of an overwhelming love and sexual attraction between son (Hamlet) and mother. Zeffirelli did a wonderful job in contributing to the play the perfect detailed events that are clear to the audience and help explain why the events are unfolding.
             Mel Gibson's "Hamlet" was extremely straightforward and a highly edited version of the original film. I noticed that the castle was much more ravishing and glamorous in Mel Gibson's Hamlet and the mood in the films seemed to alter. Gibson gives off a more stage like handling of deal with the ghost of Hamlet's father. We also see how Mel Gibson portrays "young Hamlet" as a moody -miserable yet clever man. The both characters are very good in portraying their so -called madness and being very careful not to over pass the line in their acting.

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