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Germany Occupation

            The occupation of one country among several countries was divided into two separate nations because of their disagreements.
             World War II left most of Germany in ruins. In June 1945, the Allied Big Four Britain, France, Soviet-Union, and the United States took over supreme authority of Germany. The four allies decided to rebuild Germany to a Democracy. When World War II ended a post war Europe was divided between Western Democracies and Soviet army occupied nations of Eastern Europe. In the middle of it all lay Germany, divided and occupied by the four allies. The Soviet Josef Stalin, seeking to consolidate communist rule in East Europe demanded the Western Allies withdraw from their occupation zones in Berlin. In 1947 the British and American zones were united. The following year the three western powers issued a new currency to end inflation and the black market. Russia issued a new currency, which caused trouble in Berlin. Russia imposed a blockade of western Berlin, which lasted eleven months. The Soviet-Union put up barriers blocking trade and tension grew on both sides. It was a conflict later known as the Cold War. There were principle causes of the Cold War on which billions of dollars were spent for weapons and propaganda, to buy friends, influence people, and try to prove oneself better than the other. Germany was were the superpowers stood face to face. The Start of the Cold War affected Germany immediately. The Western Allies occupied West Germany and the Soviet-Union occupied East Germany. The Soviet's imposed that they were communist.
             In June 1948, Western Allies rebuilt the economy in the places the occupied in Germany. The Allies decided on military occupation of Germany. They agreed to get rid of all Nazi parties. All Nazi's were put to trial and some were hung. The Allies set a goal of denazification removing all traces of Nazi's from Germany. The East German people elected Konrad Adenuer leader of the Christian Democratic Republic.

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