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             After reading the story Trifles and reading the details I concluded that Trifles may show shallow unimportant things or details to some people. When the play started, the men seem to be the main characters, in my eyes they seemed to be smart and on top of things but like I said that is just my opinion. They get on to the women for being concerned with trifles (petty stuff) such as the unopened bread and the broken cherries. As the story continues, I got to thinking that the real most important characters where the ladies, who had stayed in the house. The men did not look beneath the surface of the things that end up being of serious importance to the crime scene because they were considered to be "womanly" things, or trifles and that it would not play a role. That was right because you should look at things from not only a male perspective but also though a female because you can learn so much from the opposite sex if the time was taken to just sit down and listen. .
             The women quietly observed the actions of Mrs. Wright and slowly assumed how unhappy her life must have been, with such a cold man who treated her like trash, with no children in her life. I felt like they had been going though or had suffered the same treatment ad they were just seeing it though her. Through studying her actions these two ladies are able to solve the crime, and with out know at first, then purposely cover it up as they go. They undo the crooked stitching and resew it, they insist to the men that the bird must have escaped from its cage and then they hide the dead bird and take it with them. These things that were "trifles" to the men had been the keys to solving the crime and if the men would just have took the time to ask the women what they though the crime would have been solved in no time.

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