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Much ado about nothing shakespear

            William Shakespeare's, Much Ado About Nothing is described as a comedy, however the plays comedic revelation is based upon the number of themes featured in this story. Shakespeare has written the play so the reader or viewer is entertained by the number of events and themes that unfold all at the one time. He has used inspiring words and emotion to engage his audience and techniques to create an atmosphere of passion, tension and friendship. All the themes present are expressed through the Shakespearian language, which set the foundation for many years to come and this story as well as many others are still popular today. Three important themes in this play are: love and trust, conflict and the illusion versus reality theme. I would like to discuss these and show Shakespeare's technique to portray these themes. .
             Love is a very powerful and important emotion in the world. The idea of love is everywhere, partners, friends and family. Therefore love can relate to people and the extent of love is tested constantly in life today as well as in Much Ado About Nothing. The time of Shakespeare presented numerous stories and plays revolving about love and its effects, which is also presented in many movies and television shows today. Reason being that love is such an important part of life and so many different types of emotions can be caused by the events that occur in love. Much ado about nothing proves that many emotions can follow from many different forms of love because the other themes featured revolve around this theme of love even though the play is not a typical love story. There are two main couples representing this theme and these are Claudio and Hero, Beatrice and Benedick. .
             It is Claudio and Hero's who fall into the love at first sight category and it is predicted their relationship would blossom. Shakespeare's method of hinting their attraction is by showing one of the two lovers speaking of the opposite lover.

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