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Standardized Testing and its Social Faults

             Standardized testing has become an enormous part of the educational community and the culture of America. As students make their way throughout school they are assaulted with test after test. A good majority of those tests are simply assessments handed out by teachers in order to spot weaknesses in curriculum comprehension. Some of those tests are given out solely for the purpose of filling in an educator's barren grade book. However, almost annually throughout a student's life of education, the test of all tests is placed on each desk and the brand new box of factory sharpened number two pencils make their way out of the filing cabinet. Some students dread this day and some students look at it with complete ambivalence. However, the majority of those students do not realize that the setup and outcome of every standardized test is a large topic of controversy in today's society. Though it is still a largely used educational method, standardized testing is debated upon continuously. The foremost topic in debates regarding standardized testing is whether or not these high-stakes tests are fair and just to all those who are forced to take them. It is quite common for something so significant to a student's growth and development to be analyzed so stringently. Many people believe that this standardized form of education not only takes away from more important curriculum but at the same time puts groups like females and African Americans at a severe disadvantage. Not even statistics can state for sure the legitimacy of the aforementioned claim, but there are definitely two sides to every story and this topic is of no exception.
             The average person fighting against the use of standardized testing will often relate it to college admissions and financial aid. Many people believe that the highly esteemed and highly controversial SATs cannot and should not be considered a truthful indicator of a student's academic achievement.

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