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Miss Brill

             Miss Brill.
             In the short "Miss Brill" author, Katherine Mansfield, describes a typical Sunday in the life of dear, old Miss Brill. Miss Brill is a lady who has seen many days in her life and enjoys the comfort of routine. Every Sunday Miss Brill takes a trip to the local park and spends her day observing and enjoying the people that surround her. She fancies herself to be somewhat of an expert on all the people who visit the park. She listens and watches those who come and go, all the while pretending like she is minding her own business. Miss Brill allows herself to be a part of their lives for a few brief seconds, validating her whole being at the same time. She sees herself involved in the lives of others and this makes her feel happy and fulfilled. Of course, happiness is really what you make of it and when you allow others to dictate your happiness you often times end up sad and lonely.
             Throughout the story Miss Brill continues to listen to and observe a number to park visitors, few of which are regulars and some of who are just passerby's. She first notices the band and how wonderfully they sound on this particular day, taking in every last note they played. This put a smile on her face. Then just a few minutes later disappointment creeps in because a couple she is sitting next too are not speaking to one another. Then, just as quickly she notices another couple that catches her attention. The woman rants and raves about a pair of glass, while the man just grins and bears it. Miss Brill finds this amusing, but still wants to "shake" the lady for being so unappeasable. Just with the first few encounters of people it is plain to see how Miss Brill allows them to affect her whole being. However, there are still a few more people who she takes note of.
             As the day goes on she observes children playing joyfully, vendors trying to make a living, couples trying to have some romance, and even old people who just sit there like statues.

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