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Common Sense Citizenship for Africans in America

             It has finally come to the time that we as a people, the proud Africans of this nation, fight for our freedom and rights as people. In the Natural Rights of Colonists, Otis wrote: "The colonists are by the law of nature freeborn, as indeed all men are, white or black." The statement represents the idea that we like those before us, the few brave Africans, must fight for the freedom that nature interred us to have. Those who came before us had been taken from their homeland stripped of all basic right and forced into slavery, which we now their children have been born into. But no more shall we stand for this because the time is at hand, the age for change, where we too shall claim our birthrights as human beings. .
             The time has come for change, when a child rebellions against the mother in order to go into the world, independent and free to do as they please. Because of this change the American people had set out against England to obtain their liberty and the freedom to govern themselves. It is this reason that we, my people must take action now when the going is good, therefore we are able to gain our freedom as well. The Americans have recognized that their rights have been taking away by the king, just as we have by them. The King as also forced them to pay taxes and passed unfair laws on the Americans, in the same matter as they have force us to work, passed laws that restricts out rights, and have taking our humanity away as well.
             In the struggle to gain their freedom, the Americans declared their independence by writing the Declaration of independence as a form of revolt against England in order to state their God given rights as people. They stated in the Declaration of independence how the King had violated their rights therefore they require a separation form England. The document proclaims their rights as human being asserting that all man are equal therefore they should be all treated the same.

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