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Ethnic Studies Concepts

            The issue of race and minority relations within the United States is apparent everywhere in today's society. This country is being affected by prejudice and discrimination against people of minority status and must be changed for everyone's benefit.
             Minorities groups are a subordinate group, whom hold less power and privilege than do that of the majority group. This basically includes everyone except for the dominant stereotypical, white, Caucasian, Christian males. These minority groups are being discriminated in basically everything they do. They see limited opportunities for education, success, wealth, power, and many other opportunities that are available to the dominant group. .
             Subordinate and dominate groups are not always decided upon numerical statistics. There is a sense of power which is associated with their grouping. Such as we discussed in class, about the women outnumbering the men, however are still considered to be the subordinate group. They are subordinated by a lack of privilege, and opportunity for advancement. Also like in South Africa, the blacks outnumber that whites substantially, however the whites control all the power within the country. This shows how subordinate groups are not always due to being outnumbered in society. These narrowed opportunities for subordinate groups start are caused by discrimination.
             Discrimination keeps members from minority groups from certain rights, opportunities, or privileges. Discrimination is an action taken on behalf of minority status. Discrimination is a prejudice put together with power. Discrimination can come in many different kinds, including isolate, small groups, institutional, and systematic. There is isolate discrimination, which is a discrimination against an entire group of people. In our society you will see this in apartment renting where a landlord isolates an entire group of people, and refuse to rent to them.

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