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            It is the duty of county officials to serve the people in which elect them to provide their constituent the essentials to better their life. Everywhere we go now a day, it seem like everything is ran with computer or some type of computer technology. Therefore, I feel if our young adults and children are not on the bandwagon in the early stage of their personal development, they might be left behind as time passes them by. Computer and internet classes should be taught just like reading, writing and arithmetic. It is a necessity that should be provide for our students, in order that they succeed in life. .
             The consequence for our young people is that they will not be able to hold down multiple jobs. This is due to the fact that people in today society work in careers that don't allow for them to attend conventional class, so they need to attend on-line classes and without this skills such task will not be accomplish. Another drawback of not having computer and internet class is that in today job market, it seems that computer skill is a requirement for any position.
             The simply facts is that computer and internet class offer a greater opportunities to learn and expand the students mind. Research show that computer can keep the interest of the student longer than with conventional teaching methods. The "razzle-dazzle" effect the learning process is enhances. Also the web lets students research and pull out information much quicker. .
             I have seen the personal effect of how computer class has help children grow up to be very productive individual in society. My cousin ever since he was a little boy has been fascinated with computer. And with his great interest in computer he has been able to graduate college and find a good paying professional job as a computer programmer.
             One might say that is cost to much, well like with anything else in life it cost money, but this cost is an investment not only for our self, but also for countless generation ahead.

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