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The Awakening

             Edna Pontillier had certain qualities about herself and what she believed in that helped us make the final decision that her behavior can not be condoned. She believed that women should not be treated as the second person in the family, but that the two adults should have equal lives and responsibilities. She also told the reader of the novel that women should not be looked upon as little housewives that are good for nothing else than cooking the food and entertaining the "Tuesday guests." We disagree with these actions and beliefs.
             Although Edna loved her children dearly, she did not want to have the responsibility of caring for them, or spending time with them. This is not our idea of how a housewife should act toward her family. Children look up to their mothers as the ideal figure, and can only survive with their loving care. Edna did not feel that this was necessary, therefore, her children lacked the attention that they deserved. Edna thought that it was unfair that Leonce, her husbad, was able to go to work, come home, and then go out to bars with his friends. But her husband would work all day to provide for his family, so he deserved the opportunity to relax. Edna should not have the nerve to bring this up because she went out all day anyway when she should have been at home watching over her children. The children are were "mother close" with their nanny than their real mother. .
             When two people get married, they make a promising commitment to each other. They promise that they will always stay together for better or for worse. When Edna had an affair with Alcee Arobin, she went against that commitment. That was a very irresponsible and selfish act on her part, especially in that time period. She committed adultery, which also goes against her religion. Edna decided that she was no longer in love with Leonce. While he and her children were out of town, she went behind his back and made up her mind to move out of the mansion they shared and into a tiny house she called the "pigeon house.

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