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Alaskan Oil Drilling

             Drilling for oil in Alaska is a positive thing. There is more oil in Alaska than there is in the whole United States. So why are we not going after this oil to make it our own? The answer is that some politicians believe that it will hurt the wildlife if we drill up there, even though the Alaskan pipeline has never caused a problem. Despite all of the positive effects it will have on all levels of government we are still not doing it. So I propose we make a stand.
             On the local level of government a few things will change if we drill for oil in Alaska. Thousands of new jobs will become available, and this will lead to more spending which will cause the economy to go up. This will also contribute to the decline of the unemployment levels. Finally, the best point, lower oil prices. This means foreign nations will no longer have control of how much we pay for gas .I believe these changes alone should make anyone want to drill for oil in Alaska.
             The state level will improve as well if we drill for oil in Alaska. Gas prices will drop therefore state governments will be allowed to put a little more tax on gas. This will help states out like California that are going through a rough time. Some states will be getting new refineries which will create jobs, which will contribute to lower unemployment levels. The state will even have more tax revenue coming in from income taxes that will help them out even more.
             There will be several national changes if the pipeline is built. First and foremost we will be number one in something else, oil production. There is so much oil in Alaska that if we were to tap into ¾ of it we would beat all other single nations in production of oil. Another good reason for the oil drilling is that it will sink our unemployment rate lower than ever with all the new refineries that would have to be built and manned. Also thousands of new jobs would become available in Alaska which would lower unemployment even more.

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