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Purchasing A Small Business

            Some considerations that cannot be avoided when purchasing a small business include: the question of needing a partner, the current economic factors, considering alternate locations, and developing a tax strategy. When debating whether or not a partner is needed or wanted, you need to know if you're going to need additional equity as well as sharing the risk of failure. For these reasons, a partnership seems to be a great idea, but there are also many cons that should be recognized. .
             Having too many partners can alter the ease of decision-making, shared liability can cause obvious problems, and sharing profits means less for you. Added to this, getting out of a partnership can be very difficult. .
             Evaluating the current economic factors simply means to know what you are getting into. Be sure to have some knowledge about the business itself and it's market. Know how to make and sell the product efficiently and in a service industry, be sure to know the current and correct way things are done-sometimes they are not one in the same. .
             Location is key. "Location of the target can be a major determinate in both the financing of the deal and probable success in managing the business after closing.There's no sense spending time, effort, and money on a target located in the wrong place." (Tuller, 12) Along with this, the personal strife of having to travel a great distance to get to work can be very frustrating. So, be sure that the location of your potential business is profitable in every way. .
             One the greatest minds of the 20th century, .
             Albert Einstein, once said, "tax is the most difficult thing in the world to understand". Unfortunately, with the ever-changing laws, that problem gets worse every year. This means that you should have knowledge of the current tax laws. "'You will have a unique opportunity to make decisions on exactly how much money will change hands, and how I will allocated on the payment schedule.

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